Welcome to our Club
Michigan City
Piranhas Swim Club
The Michigan City Piranha Swim Team would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our organization. We are looking forward to a great and exciting season filled with many opportunities for you and your swimmer(s) to learn more about swimming and achieving personal goals.
The Michigan City Piranha Swim team is a competitive swim team sponsored by the Michigan City Parks and Recreation Department. We offer two different programs ranging from a Learn To Swim Program designed for anyone not afraid of the water who would like to learn to swim, through our competition team which is a feeder team for the Michigan City High School Swim Team. We have several levels in our competition team, starting with anyone who knows one basic stroke and can swim one length of the pool, through state level competitors. These swimmers will compete against swimmers of their own age in dual competitions, invitational meets and on the state level, if qualifying times are achieved.
The Piranha Swim Team is a non-profit organization run in conjunction with United States Swimming, Inc. and certified through Indiana Swimming, Inc. and serves all ages between 3 and 18 years. All team swimmers are members of the United States Swimming Association.
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